Michelle Groskopf

Sentimental: Michelle Groskopf's First Monograph

Michelle Groskopf is one of the most talented Fine Art Street Photographers of our time. With her unique style of flash photography she captures highly detailed, vibrant shots. The flash of her camera is her chunky paintbrush and Brushstroke. 

I interviewed Michelle a while ago (click here) and so I am super excited to hear that Michelle is planning to work on her first book, called Sentimental.

We tend to forget that most of life takes place up close, where we cross each other’s paths. When we frame that energy, we can marvel at its beauty.

This is how I see. This book is a map of my whims. It’s a diary, in memory of all the days I trotted half in love down the street. It’s how I see colors and how I hold faces up to be worshipped. It’s my love letter to the industrious nature of hands and all the ways they show us our busyness and our bustling. This is how I formulate my daily geography, the very things that prop me up and keep me afloat. This book is a dream line straight to my childhood where I first learned to roam.
— Michelle Groskopf

Sentimental will be the best of Michelle's street photography from the past 5 years. Please help her to fulfill her dream and support her on the mission to print her work into this book.  

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