NATALIE CHRISTENSEN | Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe

Image: “Gestalt at Monument Valley” 2017, © Natalie Christensen

Image: “Gestalt at Monument Valley” 2017, © Natalie Christensen

I am thrilled to announce, that Natalie Christensen is having her first gallery exhibition at Turner Carrol Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Natalie was interviewed a year ago on Women in Photography.

Natalie is a photographer based in Santa Fe, is a frequent contributor to online contemporary and fine art photography magazines, and has won several regional awards and shown work in the U.S. and internationally including London, Dusseldorf, New York, and Los Angeles.

First trained as a Jungian psychotherapist, Christensen developed a love of photography and the psychological implications contained in “found” visual environments. As she immersed herself in her photographic art, she became keenly aware that the viewer’s perception of a naturally occurring visual vignette is determined by the way the viewer “frames” the vignette in their own mind, in the same manner, a photographer frames a visual vignette with their camera lens.

Thus, Christensen began finding natural and architectural vignettes in her newly adopted home of Santa Fe. Informed by her training in Jungian psychology, she frames each photograph to compel the viewer to immerse themselves in the psychological space she presents. Christensen’s newest photographs from her series depicting swimming pools and their surroundings will be included in the exhibition. Concepts of ritual/spiritual/psychological renewal and rebirth through descent into water and return to the land on which we humans live, invite the viewer to dive into their own interior perspective and perhaps emerge with one renewed and expanded.

The exhibition will run from 7th September till 1st October at Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.