Juno Calypso | Winner of BJP International Photography Award 2016

Juno Calypso won the Series Award at the 2016 International Photography Awards for her project Joyce, a collection of performative self-portraits that reflect on “modern rituals of seduction and the laboured construction of femininity.” 

I’ve been busy since winning the IPA. I haven’t had to reach out to anyone. Everything I’m doing now has flown directly from the exposure I got from winning that exhibition.
— Juno Calypso

The Life of Riley, Retired | Kathryn Weinstein, San Francisco


Kathryn Weinstein is a graphic designer and teaches design courses at Queens College. The Life of Riley, Retired, an on-going project documenting life with her husband, is her first passion project using a camera since graduate school. With The Life of Riley, Retired she is curious if she can interest a young audience with a character that is over 70 without perpetuating stereotypes of aging (ridiculous, pathetic or isolated) and still is relatable to an older audience.

Life of Riley.png

Guest Blog Post by Kathryn Weinstein:
On April 23, 2017, I launched The Life of Riley, Retired on Instagram as an experiment in adapting the strategies of niche micro-influencers to a character navigating retirement and ageing. In preparation, I studied the visual diaries of New England gentility, surfer gipsies, hipster marathon runners, teenage fashionistas to determine if I could find commonalities. Despite the differences in life-styles, all were young, attractive, and adept photographers who had created visual diaries documenting their lives in instalments, and successfully attracted a loyal base of followers (10-100 thousand strong). I came to believe that the success of these micro-influencers, like successful advertising campaigns, lay within the viewers’ identification/desire to connect with a certain lifestyle presented. 

I wondered if these narratives would arc as their protagonists aged—was their success dependent on linking one sunny moment to the next or could complexities of life be introduced as part of the narrative? Would their audience abandon them for younger stars if they begin to show signs of middle age, or would audience and protagonist grow old together? And what do young people think of ageing if they are immersed in a sea of imagery celebrating youth? Where were the visual diaries of older people on Instagram, and is the scarcity a reflection of the demographics of Instagram users (54% are 29 or younger, only 16% are older than 50), or as a culture do we shun representations of ageing that do not reiterate stereotypes?

So with a goal, but no roadmap, I immersed myself into the world of Instagram. These are the challenges that I listed when I started the project:

  1. Could I create a coherent visual narrative that strangers would want to follow?
  2. Could I pique interest within a young audience if my main character is 74 years old without perpetuating stereotypes of ageing (ridiculous, pathetic or isolated) and still be relatable to an older audience? Can the story of ageing be a nuanced adventure, open & expensive?

Have I met these challenges? I’ll keep you posted. 


ZAFP: The Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers

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ZAPF is the Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers and was launched in 2013 as a voluntary organisation that strives to raise the standard of professionalism in the photo industry through project-based training, networking and the promotion of members’ work.

The ZAPF believes that as women we have a different story to tell and that the female perspective is missing. Their goal is to use documentary photography to provide an alternative to the media’s male-centred narratives and to increase visual literacy in Zimbabwe. 

A Conversation with Annie Leibovitz

This lecture was presented by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and recorded on 11/18/11. It is a while ago, but still very inspiring.

Annie Leibovitz discusses her book, "Pilgrimage," which explores the places where the people who have inspired her have worked. The book includes the homes of Henry David Thoreau, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marian Anderson, and Abraham Lincoln, among others. 

Inspiring fashion interview with photographer Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth is a photographer and director. She worked as a fashion model before becoming a photographer in fashion, editorial, and advertising photography. She is specialized in erotic femininity and an absolute icon in her field.

Get inspired by the interview about her work and how she gets inspired for her projects.

Inspiring talk with Mary Ellen Mark & Supermodel/Photographer Helena Christensen

Supermodel Helena Christensen and Documentary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark discuss their work, travels and inspirations with Mark Seliger. From Johnny Depp to the circus performers of India and from the villages of Peru to the celebrities of Hollywood, Christensen and Mark talk about the challenges of finding the essence of their subjects and the thrill of taking a beautiful photograph.