Nicola Miles | Brighton

Nicola, tell us a little bit of yourself and how you got into photography?
Hello, I’m an easy-going woman who lives in Brighton, it’s been home for around 20 years now, i’m lucky enough to live between the sea and the Sussex Downs.
In 2009 i travelled for a while, taking a pocket camera with me. I spent a good amount of time playing around with it, realizing what could be done, i haven’t looked back since. A short while later i took an inspiring course which led me onwards.

Are you a full-time photographer or would you describe yourself as a serious enthusiast?
I’m a part-time photographer & definitely an enthusiast. There’s so much to discover, i’d like to do it more often though, I’m working on it.

When you are shooting, how much is instinctual vs. planned?
The only thing that is planned is where i’ll go, everything else comes instinctively or with a stroke of luck.

How did you cultivate your sense of composition?
This is what interests me the most, getting what i see into the frame. I think you can tell when it’s my work, there’s a continuous pattern running through the composition in my pictures & usually a lot of space placed around the subjects. I guess i cultivated it with practice, knowing what i liked and didn’t like, then, taking more time over a shot. I look forward to my composition evolving as time passes.

You have a strong body of work from your travels to Myanmar. Tell us a little bit about it.
There have been two visits now, just about to head back for a third. Each time i visit a different area, there’s a lot of walking involved. I’m drawn to the country very much for myriad reasons; for photography reasons - the light in that part of the world is quite wonderful and i have a lot of fun. I’ve been shooting alone and with a small group of other photographers. I’ll do the same when i head back this time.

Did you feel a special inspiration while shooting in Myanmar?
I do, yes. It’s a beautiful country, the people i meet there are great, there’s an open-ness. I feel welcomed. The sunshine and warmth help too.

Is there a photographer or a type of photography that influenced your work?
A few Brighton photographers that i know have an influence, carefully watching what they produce, having an idea of where it might come from. I especially love documentary style and have just discovered Tiksi by Evgenia Arbugaeva, it makes me want to never sit around, get out there. Influence comes from artists like Narelle Autio & Alex Webb too, their great use of rich color. Here far away by Pentti Sammallahti was the first photo book i bought, beautiful, i remember that having an affect on me.  

Would you like to share a little bit about your upcoming project you plan in your hometown in Brighton?
Right now it’s a work in progress inside of my head, possibly to do with the suburbs where i live. There is a coastal project too that i will work on for years, slowly. There is a real pull for me to have a project nearer to home so i can be closer to the subject in many ways, rather than flying off to a faraway land.