Sandra Jonkers | Rotterdam

Hello Sandra, welcome to Women in Photography! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
First of all thank you for having me here. Always great to see that there are people like yourself that are giving us street photographers opportunities to show our work to the public and talk about street photography.

Hi all, I'm Sandra Jonkers. I'm a street photographer living in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. I'm hitting the streets as often as possible. But only when I feel the need to shoot, I shoot.

How did you get involved with street photography and what fascinates you about shooting in the streets?
I was already in possession of my camera and taking some courses when I noticed that what I was doing in photography bored me. I really needed some excitement in my photography. That was the moment I noticed the world around me, really noticed the world around me. The streets, that's the place where you find excitement! That moment was life changing for me personal and for my photography. I'm really fascinated by the fact that when I take a shot, you see me. What I shoot is who I am. Nothing more, nothing less.

People are calling you „The pirate of the streets“ Can you explain us why?
They call me 'The pirate of the asphalt' to be frankly. It all started as a joke on Facebook, because I'm hitting the streets with my cam on an electric scooter for disabled people. Someone made a cool joke about that and gave me this nickname. Another one picked that up and used that in an interview with me. Now my nickname 'The pirate of the asphalt' pops up everywhere, it's funny.

What demands do you have on your camera equipment?
Ha, for most people this is going to be a strange answer. I'm using a Canon 70D with a Tamron 24-70 for my street shots. Not really equipment street photographers use for street photography. Most of the street photographers use system camera's. System camera's are much quicker and much smaller and light weighted camera's. You need to be quick on the streets, those camera's are perfect for that. Why I still use a DSLR which is so much slower and also huge and heavy? It's because I'm feeling one with it, the camera became a part of me. Maybe I will take the step to a lighter and quicker camera in the future, but for now we still are having a really good relationship. My scooter is also a part of my gear, that requires a totally different way of shooting the streets, so I'm a bit strange anyway. ;-)

What do you find is the hardest challenge when taking pictures?
Street photography in general is a real challenge, it's so not easy to do. I'm always trying to catch the eye. To me that's the door the someone's soul. Eyes are strong and powerful. They can tell you a lot and nothing at all at the same time. But while I'm looking for that, I also don't want to interfere in that particular moment. I want the moment that I push the button to be as pure as possible. When I succeed, people see me, but not really. In this split second they look at me, and the next second they forgotten all about me already.

Why did you choose to photograph in black & white?
I just love black and white photography. Though it was not really a choice, I just didn't took a shot yet where colors would add something extra into the picture. At the moment colors in my pictures are just not important to me.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start with street photography?
Make sure that it is really is what you want to do. Be friends with your camera, be one with it. Taking good street photo's needs a certain devotion. You need to step over some personal boundries. Loose the fear of getting closer to people or stepping into a scene as soon as possible. Fear will be seen in your end result. People will not kill you for taking a photograph. Stay close to yourself, shoot what YOU want to shoot. Don't shoot what others are shooting, and when you do make sure you do it better. Shoot from your soul, shoot from your guts. Never stop learning and be open for useful criticism. It will bring you to a next level.

Was there a photographer or any style of photography that influenced your work or inspired you?
Consciously and unconsciously I'm influenced and inspired by a lot of photographers. I could not really give you a name. I'm absorbing a few thousands street photo's a week. From the big masters and the smaller ones. I'm pretty sure that has an impact on my daily shooting. But what I can say is that I just love the work of Vivian Maier deeply to give you a name of a big master. But other masters to me are for example my Facebook friends from New York Mark Brown and Melissa Breyer.

Tell us a little bit about the photography scene in Holland. Are there any female photographers you could recommend?
For sure there are a lot of female photographers in the Netherlands, but I have to say that I'm only focused on street photography. Street photography is a man's world in the Netherlands. I really could not give you any Dutch name of a female street photographer. I don't know any who's really devoted to street photography. I hope someone's out there and will respond to this, I would really love to meet and see the work of other dutch female street photographers.

Here you can find more about Sandra's work:
Website: www.sandrajonkers.com        
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sandra.jonkers.14