Hello Alejandra, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? How got into street photography?
Hello Nicole, first of all thanks for giving me the opportunity to take part of Women in Photography, I am so glad of it.

Hi all readers, I’m Alejandra originally from Spain but living in Ireland, I left my country four years ago. I was traveling with my husband in Mexico and Guatemala for over a year, when we decided to move to Dublin where my passion of street photography started.

All my life I have been curious about photography but never interested in landscapes, wildlife or macro photography. I had an old Nikon for my travels..  My passion for street photography truly started one year ago when I bought a Fujifilm X100T.

When I got into street photography my first inspiration was Des Byrne the founder of The Irish Street Photography Group. I saw a video of him talking about his passion of street photography. Then I became a member of his photography group, where we met once a month.

After some research on google about street photography I came across and discovered Bruce Gilden one of the most famous and controversial street photographers all over the world - it was love at first sight.

What were the difficulties when you started with street photography?
When I started shooting, the most difficult thing I came across was getting close to the subject due my lens is 28mm so need to be very close, it was embarrassing at the beginning but not anymore. It is exciting, pure adrenaline.

What fascinates you to take pictures of people?
Taking photographs of strangers without permission and unplanned is my passion. I love facial expressions, one expression can tell more than thousands of words, from my point of view one of the most interesting pictures you can take is of people.

How do you choose places for your photography?
When I grab my camera and go out for street I usually go to crowded places, food markets, protests, parades, events. These are great places to find good street scenes and stories.

What are you looking for when you go out into the street and shoot?
I am very attracted to special characters, facial expressions, colors, shadows, light, anything that appeals to me.

You said you like flash day or night why so?
I love shooting with flash day or night - this gives my photos another dimension. I know it is quite controversial. When I started doing flash and getting so close to the subjects many people told me if I was mad? I did not listen to them. I thought it is my responsibility and like it, so continued doing it.

What are some tips you give yourself, if you started with street photography all over again?
If I started again in street photography the first thing what I would do is look for interesting subjects, don't shoot whoever you meet.

How important is traveling for you? Is there a place in the world you would like to photograph?
When you travel to a new place you see new things.. The light is different, colors, people, specially if you live in a country where the sun doesn't come out often, everything is exciting! You feel the adrenaline, you feel exited, your eyes open hungry of new experiences, so yes, it is very important for me, not only because of street photography it is important because I love traveling.

Next year I plan to visit Japan - love taking pictures of Asian people. I find them very exotic, I love Asian food too, I can’t wait.

You said that you are really inspired of the work of Bruce Gilden. What fascinate you about his work?
The first time I saw a video of Bruce Gilden, I got shocked, fascinated how brave he was shooting all of those people in the streets without permission in a way I’d never seen before. It was love at first sight. He is best known for his candid close-up photographs of people using a flashgun, he is just brilliant.

Tell us a little bit a about the photography scene in Ireland. Are there any female photographers that you could recommend?
Dublin, where I live is a city with many interesting subjects, spots and color, particularly in Dublin I miss shadows and light, as I mentioned before , sun does not come out as often as I want.

I think Ireland is a great place to all of those people who love photograph landscapes.

Respect any female photographer in Ireland, I can recommend Esther Moliné , she is a great street photographer living in Dublin, she is from Spain amd has participated in many street photography projects. She runs the Smena Photographic Society here in Dublin, a group dedicated to sharing photographic skills and photowalk meetings.

What are your next plans?
I am delighted to have one of my photos selected in the upcoming International Street Photography Exhibition at the In-spire Gallery in Dublin.  Starting next week and is a part of the Photo Ireland Festival 2016.

I am also thinking about to get into film as I am very curious about it, just need free time and be patience.