Welcome to Women in Photography!

Women in Photography is a platform for any female Photographer or photo interest. The aim is to give female artists a platform to show their work, inspire and encourage on their journey as a photographer.
Any female photographer is welcome to submit their work. It doesn't matter if you are a pro or an amateur, a street photographer, documentary, architectural, landscape, portrait or artistic photographer. 

The idea of Women in photography came up, when I felt that female photographers are under represented in the world of photography. In the last months the situation got better, but it is always important to show the world, that there are brilliant female photographer with a great eye and instinct for photography.

This platform should give you inspiration and encourage you to keep on going your journey as a photographer. Everyone (also men) are very welcome to step by. If you have any questions or suggestions to make this website more exciting, get in touch with me. I appreciate all ideas!

All the best , nicole

Nicole Struppert - Founder & Editor

Nicole Struppert is the founder and editor of Women in Photographer. Nicole's creative career began in Marketing & Advertising before she turned her career into a photographer.

Her photographic work focuses on geometric and minimalistic architectural compositions and the observation of contemporary life. Beside her personal work, she has worked as a freelance photographer
for the dpa:picture alliance, where she captured life around the Olympic Games 2012 in London, and the US elections in 2012. Between 2012 and 2017 she worked on a long term documentary project about Shoreditch / East London. Her work has been internationally exhibited and published in serveral media.

These days Nicole works primarily as a fine art photographer and editor for Women in Photography.

You can find out more about her work on her official website